Butter Garlic crab in Indian style

One of the simplest preperation of crab. You can curate easily at home with no requirement of fancy ingredients. Well known combination of Butter garlic has been twisted with flavour of Indian spices that paired up nicely with crab.

1.Heat the cooking oil and butter in pan, add chopped garlic (6-7). Cook the garlic in butter until translucent. Now add chopped onion, chopped tomato. Again cook it for 5mins.
2. Now add add 4pieces crab along with legs. Mixed it well and cook by covering the lid for 5mins.

3. Add coriander powder (1/2tbs), cumin powder (1/2tbs), turmeric powder (1/3tbs) , Red chili powder (1/3tbs) , 2 chopped green chillies salt , sugar and add half water. Cook in low flame by covering the lid for 15mins.
4. Add one tbs butter to enhance the flavour.
Butter Garlic crab is ready.

It really incorporates great with plain rice


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