Doi Sorshe Katla( yogurt and mustard based gravy of Katla fish)

What else could be better to prepare a rich katla curry with creamy yogurt gravy?
Pungency of Sorshe has been always a worthy addition to Bengali cuisine.

1. Fry 6 pieces marinated katla ( turmeric powder and salt) in mustard oil.
2. Master paste: Make paste of mustard seed (3tbs) , poppy seed (1and half tbs) and green chillies (3-4).
3. Heat the mustard oil in a pan, add kalanji, add the master paste and cook for few minutes. Now add charmagaz paste ( 1tbs) and cook for 5-7minutes.
4. Now add red chilli powder (1/4tbs), turmeric powder (1/3tbs) and salt. Cook it until raw flavour goes off.
5. Now add beaten yogurt along with 1/2tbs sugar. Add half cup water to mix spices welo. Let it boil.
6. Now add fried fish along with 2 slits green chillies and cover the lid to cook till the gravy thicken to your desired consistency.
7. At last drizzle some Mustard oil to enhance the pungency.


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