Malai chicken

Malai chicken is easy to prepare yet lipsmacking preperation of Chicken. It has rich texture of milk and finely balanced taste of spices . Boneless chicken pieces are cooked in milk to create a dish that is difficult to resist whenever this is made.It goes well with plain rooti, paratha or tandoori rooti.


1.Cut the boneless chicken (250gm) into small pieces and marinate with salt and black pepper.

2. Melt the butter in a pan, add chopped garlic, now fry marinated chicken and keep these aside.

Fry the marinated chicken

3.. Heat the oil in a pan, add onion paste ( 1big and half) and green chilli paste (3-4). Cook for 5mins. Now add 1/2 tbs Ginger paste, 1tbs garlic paste. Cook it until onion gets brown.

Add onion and chilli paste
Add ginger paste
Add garlic paste

4. Add 250ml milk (at Room temperature), let it boil.

Add 250ml milk

5. Add salt along with cumin powder (1/2tbs), Black pepper (1/2tbs), garam masala (1/2tbs) and 1/3tbs sugar, kausuri methi (1/2tbs)
Mix it properly.
Boil it for 5-7mins. Make the gravy little thicker

Make the gravy thicker

6.Now add the chicken again cook for 5min

Add chicken

7. Now add boiled egg.Add 1/4tbs kausuri methi Cook it by covering the lid for 10-15mins.

Add boiled eggs
Cover the lid

Malai chicken is ready to have it with rooti.I didn’t use any cream in concern to health.


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